2024 the 14th International Conference on Biotechnology and Bioengineering (14th ICBB2024)

ICBB 2024  
ICBB2024 / Organizers

ICBB2024 Organizers


Asia-Pacific Association of Science, Engineering and Technology (APASET)
More information about joining in as co-organizer, please click here.


Supporters / Media Partners

 BrownWalker Press    

Collaboration Possibilities

We are also looking for possibilities to collaborate with scholars and universities / institutions for future events:
  • For scholars to join in as committee member or reviewer for academic support.
  • For universities/institutions to join in as co-organizers or support affiliations by providing only academic support and helping circulate conference information and announce the conference on website and/or media platform.
The proposal for joining in co-organizer for the next ICBB - ICBB2024-2025 is open. For more information, please contact the secretariat at icbb@apaset.org.
Description of a Co-organizer:
1. Help to announce the conference information on institution email and social platform;
2. Provide academic support such as create scientific program and/or recommend potential speakers; (optional)
3. Help to provide visa-support invitations to participants; (optional)
4. Circulate the conference information, advertise and promote the conference in scientific platform.
1. Have the opportunity to attend conference for free
2. To be one of the conference committee members/session chair (co-chair)
3. 1 page free Ad or a paper in conference proceedings
If your university/institute is interested in joining in as co-organizer, please contact:  icbb@apaset.org